b'Engineer Innovation | Automotive & TransportationSiemens PLM Software experts and their colleagues from Ural Locomotives had to adapt the milling operation and correct the CNC code for each panel segment.The panel was measured and the cloud point was processed with NX CAM. Then the module generated a CNC code perfectly adaptable for any surface irregularities. The adaptive machining technology available in N AM takes into account any manufacturing environment changes occurring after the initial analysis.Without adaptive milling with NX CAM, it would have been impossible to machine the extruded aluminum parts, says Vladimir Dudorov, manufacturing engineer, welding and assembly department, Train Production Planning Division, Ural Locomotives. We would have faced consistent overcuts and faulty parts. Engineering analysis systemsHaving achieved excellent results with the carriage side wall machining, the like Simcenter significantlyexperts adapted the carriage roof and underframe machining in which the boost the performance of ourcomponents also have varying length and other special features. engineers, analysts andInitially at Krefeld where the Desiro trains were manufactured, such parts designers, and reduce thewere machined using expensive tooling. Now Ural Locomotives is able to use affordable tooling and the workpiece scope of works for the testlocation procedure developed with NX CAM. A train part workpiece is installed engineers.on a machine that doesnt require a high degree of accuracy for its extrusion. NX CAM is used to generate Peter Vaulinthe CNC code and a CNC machine Head of Mechanical Design Division, R&D Departmentperforms all the machining. NX CAM Ural Locomotives generates the CNC code.The CNC machining of carriage bodyThe Siemens PLM Software suite of parts had to be planned from scratch.solutions has delivered high-quality The initial task was to machine amanufacturing of the expensive carriage size panel 23.9 meters (m)Lastochka train components with lower long. The wall components misalignedproduction planning costs. by two to three millimeters (mm) whenManufacturing defects have been fixed to the machine tool. Even worse,eliminated. The solutions based in NX the side component length varied byCAM have reduced machine setup time three to four mm. The panel carrieswith automated workpiece location, important interior components, electricwhile virtual CNC code simulation has equipment and heating systems. Foraccelerated the planning time by 30 this reason, it was important andpercent. The manufacturing time for difficult to align all the parts whilecarriage workpieces was reduced by 40 preserving the panel flatness. Thepercent.34'