b'Engineer Innovation | Aerospace & DefenseE2M TechnologiesGlobal simulator designer and manufacturer adoptsSimcenter to speed up product developmentSiemens Digital Industries Software helps E2M Technologies reduce product lead time through virtual testing Disrupting industryAmong the many requirements of becoming a commercial pilot are hundreds of hours in the classroom, in the air and up to a few dozen hours in a simulator. In todays fast-paced world, complex motion simulators assist with learning and perfecting the many specialized tasks associated with flying, entertainment, ground vehicle simulation and testing. These systems generally have long lead times, undergo many revisions and take considerable time to deliver the finished product.Founded in 2007 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, E2M Technologies is impacting industry by leveraging their quick-to-market, customizable motion systems for simulators. From conceptual phase to feasible end-product in amechanical department, E2ME2M Technologies understands the minimal timeframe, their durable,Technologies. advantages of using multiple Simcenter smooth electronic actuation productsproducts. Being completely integrated are used for flight simulation, groundStarting with Simcenter 3D with the NX/Teamcenter design vehicle simulation and theE2M Technologies engineers apply theenvironment makes Simcenter 3D entertainment industry.latest production techniques to developMotion easy to use and access, says state-of-the-art motion systems forMunnig Schmidt. Insights gained with E2M Technologies products andsimulators used in various industries. Tomotion can easily be incorporated in the services are provided by cards PLMcreate the best products possible, E2Mdesign and rechecked. This way it is just Solutions, a Siemens partner. ThroughTechnologies starts with Simcenter 3Dpart of the engineering process without this partnership, E2M TechnologiesMotion software. interrupting the design process.utilizes a variety of Siemens Digital Industries Software solutions, includingWith every new project, we start withEliminating extra stepsSimcenter, NX and Teamcenter toour skeleton design which is made inMunnig Schmidt views the application design, test and stay organized whenSimcenter 3D Motion, says Roaldof Teamcenter as a major upgrade for creating new products for customers.Munnig Schmidt, senior designthe company. Using the Teamcenter While the company is relatively new toengineer, E2M Technologies. We candatabase, we can look up parameters or the arena, they already have a widequickly assess the movement of aspecifications, eliminating the step of range of systems for motion simulation,customer cabin to check whether it fitsrepeating work that has already been including the largest electrical system inin an existing building. During thedone, he says, Using Teamcenter, we the world. design phase of a new system, we useare able to re-use parts and assemblies, Simcenter 3D Motion to check forand perform updates without We have three patents, which for suchinternal collisions and easily visualizetampering with older designs. He goes a young company is a big achievement,these challenges in search of the beston to say, This makes the journey from says Rabih al Zaher, group leadersolution.concept phase to something that is 38'