b'Aerospace | Engineer InnovationModel costs Usage rate EngineersProductivity (per hour) (per hour) (conditions/day)Low speed wind tunnel $165k $600 X2 800High speed wind tunnel $315k $4500 X3 600Legacy CFD $15k $250 X1 20Simcenter STAR CCM+ $15k $100 X1 80Figure 4: A notional comparison of wind tunnel versus CFD as seen by TLG Aerospace.to the receipt of numerous FAA- elastic computing are further approved certificates, says McComas.solidifying the case for certification by It has a role in every singleanalysis. certification program at TLG Aerospace. We can now bid on projects that have greater scope, be more competitive, It is unlikely that CFD will everpass on the savings to our customers completely replace wind tunneland do much more with our dollar, testing as computers, codes andsays McComas.nlicensing continually evolve. Nevertheless, the role of CFD in certification will only increase overSimcenter STAR-CCM+ has time to supplement and complement flight testing.contributed to the receipt of For now, companies like TLG Aerospace have found a reliablenumerous FAA-approved workhorse in CFD for certification, one that can do the heavy lifting ofcertificates.proving compliance at the extremes of flight envelopes, reduce the number of flight test conditions, enable testsAndrew McComas to lower loads and predict potentialEngineering Manager and Aerodynamicist testing hazards. Flexible licensing andTLG AerospaceFigure 5: (Left) Flap effectiveness in Simcenter STAR-CCM+ validated against OEM test data (Right) Cavity resonance analysis in Simcenter STAR-CCM+ non-impact assessment.35'