b'Automotive & Transportation | Engineer InnovationLessons learned during the LastochkaWorking with Teamcenter, the project at Ural Locomotives have been applied to designing a mainline electric freight locomotive with an inductiondesigners concurrently develop traction motor (model 2EC10), one of the most powerful DC electric engines forall the components in a single the 1,520 mm gauge lines. The electric locomotive can drive trains weighing over 9,000 tons. That is twice as muchmodel and can see any weight as the commonly used VL (a class of Australian diesel locomotives built byupdates made by other Avteq, Melbourne) locomotives.Leveraging digital technologies stakeholders. Such an In the near future the company is going to deploy the Teamcenter Requirementsapproach reduces errors that Management module to consolidate and apply the requirements to train design, safety, efficiency and noise, andare hard to identify with other to generate new product configurations as these initial requirements change.design procedures and would The Teamcenter CAD Data Management module will also be deployed for efficiently coordinating engineeringlikely only be found once the analysis data, easily searching and re-using analysis results, and creatingproduct was assembled.and managing complex assemblies.Siemens advanced digital technologiesDmitry Khaziyev have helped Ural Locomotives developSenior Design Engineer, Locomotive Underframe Department, Mechanical Design and follow the best global practices forDivision railway engineering. n Ural Locomotives35'