b'Engineer Innovation | AutomotiveFigure 1: Simcenter Amesim vehicle model Figure 2: Simcenter Amesim battery model Usingenabled us to define the bestdetails about the expected range or architecture for all the elements of theexpected payload for a specific use Simcenterbattery, explains Ouellet. Maya HTTcase.provided the guidance we needed to find the right architecture. User-friendly software that facilitates AmesimThe batterys open circuit voltage andefficient reporting Lion Electrics satisfaction with internal resistance curves wereSimcenter Amesim is reinforced by how allowed us toidentified in just a few clicks from theeasy it is to use and create reports. suppliers datasheet using the threeIndeed, Ouellet explains, Simcenter make the rightbatteries datasheet import application. Amesim helps us produce graphs and reports quickly, building presentations Once the battery had been designed,in no time. Also, many more variables decisions fromLion Electric tested the performance ofcan be considered compared to using its physical twin in a climate-controlledspreadsheets calculations, which allows the start androom to adjust the digital model againstus to produce more refined results. the results. Thanks to the testing phase,Reruns are easy, so when my the accuracy of the model wasmanagement requests modifications, I optimizeimproved in terms of electricalcan quickly implement them."performance and heat rejection.time-to- Using Simcenter Amesim allowed us toSimcenter Amesim has many benefits: The intuitive interface, powerful and make the right decisions from the startoptimized algorithms, the ease-of-use market. and optimize time-to-market, saysof data management (visualization, Ouellet. We are also able to runpostprocessing, global parameters, etc.) Raphael Ouelletsimulations for clients and offer themand implemented tools (optimization, Powertrain Product Engineer Lion Electric Co.Figure 3: All-electric Urban Class 8 truck6'