b'Aerospace | Engineer InnovationFigure 2: Certified with TLG Aerospace(Left) 737NG Split Scimitar Winglets (Right) Falcon 2000 business jet.Most of Linds work involves gettingunderpinned by the rigid CFD. Theadvantage of elastic computing customers to type certification withfinal aeroelastic model will reproduceresources and would incur the large analysis. As one of TLG Aerospacesfull-vehicle integrated and distributedcost of annual licenses.four resident DERs, he can sign foraerodynamics in rigid mode and yield certain certification functions ona converged aeroelastic solution inIn short, the entire aero database is behalf of the FAA. TLG Aerospace usesseconds.built in a shorter time with cost-Simcenter STAR-CCM+ software fromeffective licensing. The added benefit? Siemens PLM Software for CFD analysisThe predictions are now in place toReducing wind tunnel tests. and MSC Nastran software for FEA toshow regulations are met at certain develop full-vehicle certificationconditions. Flight testing thenCFD or wind tunnel? The answer is models for loads, flutter and handlingvalidates the analysis models. Thisboth. With experience in over 100 wind qualities, modeled appropriately forvalidation may be limited totunnel test campaigns at low and high the entire flight envelope.something less than the full flightspeeds, TLG Aerospace possesses a envelope to reduce risk for in-flightsignificant experimental background in Andrew McComas, Engineeringtesting. Once validated, it can be usedtesting. Has wind tunnel testing fallen Manager and Aerodynamicist, TLGto show compliance at other flightout of favor then? Not at all. Aerospace, notes, We utilize Simcenterconditions. Having a high-fidelity STAR-CCM+ in a certificationpre-flight test model significantlyIn common parlance, wind tunnel is environment which is different fromreduces the amount of required post- still kingbut a king who is now design. There is a great role for CFD inflight test model adjustments andincreasingly delegating a fair share of the certification process. We dont usecalibrations.royal duties to the trusted advisory CFD to get an answer that the FAAcouncil of CFD. Wind tunnel tests are signs off on. We use CFD to build aReducing certification cost withstill used for aero database full-scale aero/structure/controls modelSimcenter STAR-CCM+ development for new aircraft so we can simulate vehicle responseMcComas credits Simcenter STAR- configurations. However, CFD is and produce loading and handlingCCM+ and Amazon Web Servicessupplementing tests at some information. (AWS) for the breakthrough inconditions and replacing testing at certification cost reduction.others, leading to huge savings. Figure To certify a new aircraft, an4 is a notional comparison of legacy aerodynamic database is required. ToSimcenter STAR-CCM+ runs robustly,CFD codes and Simcenter STAR-CCM+ build the entire analysis databaseaccurately and repeatedly with simplecompared to wind tunnel testing as would require data for hundreds ofprocesses and best practices, saysseen by TLG Aerospace. For a relatively thousands of conditions to beMcComas. That has given companiesminimal investment, Simcenter STAR-available in a short amount of time.confidence that the code can be usedCCM+ can reduce and replace some The aerodynamic properties of theas a source for aero databasetesting requirements. Considering the vehicle are calculated at design and atgeneration. Elastic computing fromusage rate and model cost for wind flight envelope extremes using CFD.AWS, with Siemens power-on-demandtunnel tests, this can translate into The CFD results are mapped to alicensing, helps run multiplesignificant time and cost savings. reduced-order aerodynamic modelsimulations on multiple compute within the aeroelastic process. TLGclusters simultaneously on the cloudWind tunnel testing is still best suited Aerospace calibrates the aeroelasticin a secure way. If we did not have thefor incipient separation regimes like model to develop full-vehiclePOD licensing model, we wouldnthigh-angle of attack and sideslip aeroelastic solutions that arehave the capability to take fullhandling analysis.33'