b'Automotive | Engineer InnovationDesign Challenges & OpportunitiesBearings manufacturer meets stringent accuracy requirements while improving productivitytheoretically yesterday, says Jan Willem Ridderinkhof, Manager of R&D and Engineering at PM-Bearings. Simple modifications like moving a hole can be implemented with a few operations. But more and more, clients come with a complete new system specification. The trend in the semiconductor industry to make chips smaller and smaller also complicates our work.On one of the wafer inspection machines with a 5-axis system, we had a specification for a settling time of 500 milliseconds and vibrations within 50 nanometers while making a linear displacement, Ridderinkhof continues. Such extreme precision requirementssoftware for PLM to allow allhelp companies implement software have strong impacts on our businessstakeholders use the same data andsolutions that include best practices to model. We are moving from a precisionworkflows to make the right decisions.fulfill their requirements. PLM bearing supplier to a fully integratedPM-Bearings has used these solutionsSolutions enables companies like motion system integrator. for more than a decade, supported byPM-Bearings to increase efficiency by the Siemens PLM Software reseller,digitalizing their production processes.To maintain a competitive edge,cards PLM Solutions. Having a local PM-Bearings knew that completecontact is very helpful to us, explainsRealizing ideas with NXcontrol of the product realization, fromRidderinkhof. They did a great job inDoes the linear motion bearing roll or design to delivery, was essential. Thisdeploying and customizingslide? Will the sliding motion be purely is why the company chose aTeamcenter. Also for Simcenter, theylinear or circular? Is the driving force of comprehensive set of solutions frommaintain contacts with Siemens PLMthe slide motorized or non-motorized? product lifecycle management (PLM)software experts. Which materialmetallic or ceramic specialist Siemens PLM Software. is best suited for the operating These include NX software forAt cards PLM Solutions, our goal is tocondition of the bearing? Walter computer-aided design (CAD),enable customers make the bestMeijerink, Mechatronic Engineer at Simcenter software for performancepossible products, says ErikPM-Bearings, makes such informed prediction, NX CAM for computer-aidedBurghoorn, CEO of cards PLMdecisions every day while using NX to manufacturing and TeamcenterSolutions. We use our expertize todesign linear slides and positioning 49'