b'Consumer Goods | Engineer InnovationBSH uses Simcenter solutions foranechoic chamber to ensure accurate advanced sound quality engineeringsound representation and analysis.and efficient product development Were conducting tests with groups of Washing machines, dishwashers andpeople for whom were playing sound refrigerators are expected to performsamples, says Otto Petraka. Based on their inherent functions quietly andtheir assessment, we set the acoustic without drawing attention. With cleantarget to meet customer expectations. clothes, spotless dishes and cold foodAt the same time, we want to be sure being a customers main concern whenthe sound is powerful and has a certain selecting an appliance, the averagestrength without being overbearing.consumer has no idea about the competition between leading homeRastislav Andrejco, senior center appliance product manufacturers tospecialist for acoustics and vibrations at reach optimum noise and vibrationBSH, adds, Customers expect a levels. washing machine to sound like sprinkling water, an extractor hood to The importance of this parametersound like wind, and a coffee maker to increases yearly, says Otto Petraka,sound like drops of coffee.head of vibrations and acoustics department, BSH. It is even a criterionSound engineering in the early stage that can stop the serial production ofof product developmentsome of the products.Every component of a product can influence its overall sound. As products The BSH Vibrations and Acousticsare being developed, changes and Department in Koice, Slovakia, isadaptations are necessary for successful responsible for the acoustic andsound engineering. The sooner we are vibration performance of the electricinvolved in the development process, motors produced by BSH Drives andthe better we can eliminate early Pumps in Michalovce, Slovakia. product bugs that may produce noise problems at the end of the process, Formed in 2004, Vibrations andsays Otto Petraka. Of course, it is also Acoustics department provides servicesmore cost-effective than dealing with in noise and vibration optimization ofsomething at the last minute. household appliances manufactured by BSH under the main brands of BoschWith the collaboration of BSH Drives and Siemens. Featuring 16 in-houseDevelopment department in experts, they serve eight other divisionsMichalovce, this approach is taken for of Robert Bosch and are involved in thethe 14 million electric motors annually optimization of noise and vibrationproduced for all appliances parameters for all products, frommanufactured by BSH under the main garden tools to electric car engines.brands of Bosch and Siemens. The team in Michalovce is responsible for the Sound quality for home appliancesdesign of the electric motors, while the The Vibrations and Acousticsresearch group in Koice is responsible department uses a variety offor the acoustic and vibrational psychoacoustic tools to ensure thatparameters.premium washing machines and dishwashers meet customerTwo teams, one digital twinexpectations. BSHs Koice laboratoryKoices acoustics researchers are for sound quality uses state-of-the-artinvolved in the early stages of the tools and techniques to research soundengine development process. The recordings. They measure the sounddevelopment team in Michalovce quality of home appliances by usingdesigns an engine comprised of an binaural heads in a high-qualityelectromagnetic rotor and stator design 53'