b'Automotive | Engineer Innovationthe design team, I first make sure that our tools and machines can handle the job, explains Prins. A quick verification of the operations in NX CAM software shows whether the physical machine and tooling might have issues handling the designed part. This is a very powerful functionality that helps us easily eliminate any possible manufacturing problem early in the planning process. When we identify a manufacturability issue, we work with the design team to modify the design. Our teams rely on Teamcenter software for collaboration and data sharing. Using this closed-loop process, the design change automatically propagates through the analysis and planning steps, all the way to manufacturing on the shop floor.Another functionality that I use every day are the flexible machining strategies in NX CAM, Prins continues. Not all machining cuts are equal. The precision of the final part is directly linked to the stress induced by cutting operations. The machining strategies are different when milling a large metal block or small parts with 5mm thickness. The software automatically proposes a tool path to remove material, but it also gives us flexibility to use our know-how to adjust the machining strategy for best results. Byas the supplier name and the partThe capturing and re-using our experience,number, are used to generate the bill we apply efficient machining processesof material automatically in the ERP to achieve excellent part quality whilesystem, extending our productintegrated extending tool life. digitalization process to the Precision through digitalization purchasing department and reducingNX CAD and any human errors.3D model sharing and access to the latest information are the greatestWe are committed to remain a high- Simcenter 3D strengths of Teamcenter, saysend precision machining company, so Ridderinkhof. The JT format enableswe need to stay ahead of theCAE platform model visualization not only for thecompetition, Ridderinkhof continues. CAM team, but also for the rest of theIn order to keep delivering the most company, including the manufacturingaccurate bearing and positioninghelps us planning and shop floor personnel.slides, we digitalized our entire Everyone benefits from being able toengineering and manufacturingaccelerate see those models, turn them around,process using Siemens PLM Software see hidden components and see howsolutions. The more time we spend the structure is built up; evenwith the software at the beginning ofour daily engineers in assembly use thisthe production process, the better the information. It touches all theoutput our company manufactures.tasks.stakeholders, from salesThe overall efficiency of the company demonstrating products to customers,is increasing. We can deliver a range of to educating personnel internallybearings in less time while eliminatingMathys te Wierik about how to build things. Thefailures and improving quality, which inR&D Engineer attributes attached to the items, suchturn improves our profitability. n PM-Bearings51'