b'Engineer Innovation | Heavy EquipmentEarlier, asa hydraulik had used the services of ACAM Engineering, an Austrian engineering company specializing in predictive engineering and part of ACAM System automation, a Siemens Digital Industries Software partner. Using various forms of simulation, they analyze the digital twins of their customers designs to Figure 3: Among the core products of thepredict and optimize future product E-loop series are cold plate heat exchangers, which transfers heat from aproperties. battery to a water/glycol circuitThis expertise and the software technology used are key factors in the successful design of our products, says Feyerl. As we started the E-loop series design project, we decided to enhance our in-house capabilities and invest in the required software.Based on a requirement specification Figure 4: asa hydraulik engineersreflecting asa hydrauliks needs, the designed the innovative and highlythermal system design specialists efficient E-loop series cold plate heatevaluated leading simulation software exchangers, including all simulations, inproducts. Three made it into our just over a year shortlist, says Lindbichler. They all fulfilled our technology requirements Digitalized engineering usingand we decided in favor of the solution Simcenter 3D Flow and Simcenterwith the best price/performance ratio: 3D Thermal Simcenter 3D.Designing a complex cooling system involves more than just mechanicalTo calculate air and media flows as well engineering. To achieve both compactas temperature progression throughout and efficient designs, engineers need totheir designs, asa hydraulik engineers optimize their inner geometry to assureuse Simcenter 3D Flow and Simcenter an optimal flow of air and liquids.3D Thermal software. This package is Verifying and improving the designs ofpart of the Simcenter portfolio, a our cooling systems using physicalcomprehensive suite of simulation prototypes would not be practical, sayssoftware and test solutions from Lindbichler. To limit the time andSiemens Digital Industries Software. expenditure involved, we useAlthough not limited to fluid behavior, computational fluid dynamics. the software is centered on Figure 5: asa hydraulik uses Simcenter 3D Flow and Simcenter 3D Thermal from Siemens Digital Industries Software for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations, optimizing their designs for temperature progression (left) and flow velocity (right), among other criteria60'