b'Automotive | Engineer Innovationstage, as well as other noise and vibration phenomena, such as idling noise and vibration. Technology partners for lifeHonda appreciates more than the successful completion of the project today. Thanks to our collaboration with the Simcenter Engineering team, our development cycle time is under better control, Watanabe asserts. Moreover, after the project completion, Honda received a full technology transfer, enabling them to reproduce all the techniques and methodologies for other purposes than engine restart vibrations. Because of the technology transfer, we understand how to reproduce the applied techniques and adapt them to resolve all kinds of issues. We can now do this by ourselves, using our own assets to the fullest, Watanabe concludes.As a result, Honda is now integratingFigure 3: Vehicle acceleration maneuver in hybrid mode: combustion engine restarts to charge the battery after initial pure electric propulsion, generating body vibrations. and using MBD throughout their departments, which is allowing them to anticipate a variety of issues and frontload their solution. Discussions are started earlier and thereby we avoid problems, Watanabe says. By predicting systems behavior upfront, the workload afterwards is significantly reduced, which allows us to focus our efforts and resources on other priorities, such as brand image and value. Engineering services as pathfinder to the Simcenter portfolioHonda considers the collaboration with Simcenter Engineering services of great value in staying ahead in the race towards new technologies and methodologies, such as those developed in the context of thisIntegrating 1D, 3D CAE and project. Integrating 1D, 3D CAE and test is the strength of Simcenter Engineering, which has the Simcentertest is the strength of product portfolio at its disposal, Watanabe concludes. As long as thisSimcenter Engineering, which combination of solutions is available, we will continue to work together in the future. n has the Simcenter product portfolio at its disposal. Satoshi WatanabeModel-Based Development for Powertrain NVHHonda R&D Co., Ltd47'