b'Engineer Innovation | Marine Using 3D simulation tools,Rikkert adds, We use several Siemens products, like Simcenter, NX CAD, and Teamcenter, and theyre delivered by we dont have to build ancards PLM Solutions, a Siemens Digital Industries Software solution partner. We actual prototype, whichcan contact them with any specific question we have regarding the saves us considerable timesoftware.Establishing a strong relationshipand money. Sjef van de Laak, managing director, Brabant Engineering, says Siemens solutions are key in the companys Rikkert Geritsengineering design process. Siemens is Project Leaderthe supplier of the software we use, and Brabant Engineering the importance of cards PLM Solutions is they know the software very well and support our simulation needs, he says. Product development would be disrupted without this open line of communication. As such, cards PLM Solutions and Brabant Engineering maintain a constant dialogue.20'