b'Manufacturing | Engineer InnovationMaximum velocity f(designs) Recirculation ratio f(designs) Surface standard deviation of velocity f(designs)Figure 7: Performance comparison of baseline and Design Manager improved designs, in addition to selected final design.Seemingly small changes result in bigrecirculation ratio, even though it hadThe increased uniformity of the flow performance gains higher values of maximum velocity andvelocity at the evaporator interface in Figure 5 shows a comparison of thevelocity standard deviation than thethe improved design is evident in baseline duct design and the designrepresentative design indicated by theFigure 8, which shows the velocity found after running Design Manager forred columns. In addition, Designvariation at that interface. In addition, six days on 24 CPU cores. While theManager allows you to gain anthe areas of recirculation (indicated by geometrical differences may not beunderstanding of which designthe white areas in the velocity readily apparent from a casual visualvariables have the greatest effect ondistributions) have been virtually comparison of the two configurations,specific performance objectives (noeliminated.looking at the changes in the numericalsmall feat when you have several values of each of the 12 designdesign variables, as in this case). Conclusionparameters reveals that several of theThe use of Simcenter STAR-CCM+ at values changed significantly, as shownIt should be noted that the designSMEs Technical Centre of France in Figure 6.exploration conducted by the SANDENresulted in significant cost and time engineers involved a total of 59savings. Simcenter STAR-CCM+ More importantly, the effects of theSimcenter STAR-CCM+ evaluation runs.simulations gave them the confidence changes on the performance metricsThese resulted in 39 designs whichto forego the (slow and expensive) are significant, as shown in Figure 7. satisfied all three performance criteria,building and experimental testing of 19 that did not meet at least one of thetwo prototypes, and Design Manager Figure 7 highlights an importantthree criteria, and only one thatfound significantly better performing benefit of the kind of designresulted in a code error. The low errordesigns in a fraction of the time that it exploration that Design Managerrate was the result of closewould have taken to build and test the allows one to conduct: the explorationcollaboration between the SANDENprototypes. leads to families of better designs,engineers and their dedicated Siemens which allows designers to choose thesupport engineer to develop a processBeyond the time and cost savings, design whose performance representsfor carefully specifying minimum andthere are the gains made in the the best balancein the case of themaximum tolerances on each of thefundamental understanding of the evaporator ducting, the final designdesign parameters in order to reduceeffects of each design parameter on that the engineers at SANDEN selectedthe occurrence of geometricallythe systems performance. Adrien was the one that had the lowestimpossible situations. Rochelle sums it up this way: For me, with the design exploration capabilities of Simcenter STAR-CCM+, weve increased our understanding of the performance and the design of our fluid vein design. We now know the effects of the design parameters on the main responses and it represents a fundamental improvement in our understanding. The simulation provides us a kind of insurance in our design development by providing new knowledge and mastery of our design.Whats next for the team at SANDEN? Adrien says, We are now developing the same process for automotive air conditioning compressors in Sanden Figure 8: Comparison of velocity distribution at the evaporator interface. Manufacturing Europe. n43'