b'Engineer Innovation | How to.Figure 1: Engine cooling system model in Simcenter Flomaster. Orange components are dedicated controllers for managing inputs from and outputs to the integration platform.How toModel a System-of-Systems through FMI Co-SimulationBy Alberto Deponti, Product Manager, Simcenter FlomasterSuccessfully designing complex,complex system interactions can be sophisticated and efficient systems is notproperly captured. This opens the door to enough to optimize the product. In ordereffective optimization and harmonization to optimize the final product it isof system behaviors. But this is not the necessary to account for systemonly advantage, this approach also allows interactions using a System-of-Systemsa consistent reuse of models in different approach early in the design phase anddesign phases within different company throughout product development. Thisdepartments which increases the value of means that each single system should bemodel-based design and of the modeled using Best-In-Class specializedinvestment in simulation.tools and co-simulation among different tools need to be used to model systemApplication exampleinteractions. Let us consider for example an internal combustion engine vehicle. To optimize Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) is aits performance it is necessary to account tool independent standard that specifiesfor the complex interactions of different an open format for exporting andsystems such as the engine and the ECU, importing simulation models into athe gearbox, the transmission system and co-simulation framework. FMI isthe cooling system. This needs to be supported by over 100 tools and is usedperformed while also considering the throughout Europe, Asia and Northvehicle dynamics and a range of different America. An exported model is calleddrive cycles.Functional Mock-up Unit (FMU). FMU models can be imported in a platform forA comprehensive System-of-System co-simulation in the wider framework ofanalysis can be set within Simcenter using System-of-Systems analysis whereSimcenter Flomaster software and 22'