b'Aerospace & Defense | Engineer InnovationE2M TechnologiesGlobal simulator designer and manufacturer adoptsSimcenter to speed up product developmentalready sort of feasible really quick. It also helps us to communicate with our customers because we can show them where we have minor design changes. Then we can change them through our integrated system, which will lead to the best end-product. Jack Wever, senior structural engineer, E2M Technologies, realizes the importance of minimizing extra tasks to focus more time on the end-result. Having a dedicated server to solve calculations and keep the process running smoothly is vital to E2M Technologies ability to meet customer demand with high quality work. Their server is equipped with a Simcenter Nastran enterprise solver, enablingslow down these workstations enablesearly concept phase, to detail analyses them to queue and solve analysesus to achieve maximum efficiency.for production approval. without slowing workstations and continue to keep the workflow movingAbility to adapt Changing physical prototypes in the at a rapid pace. Different FEA models with differentmiddle of manufacturing can lead to levels of detail are used throughout thehigh costs and delayed delivery. With By having a dedicated server, we candesign process to guide the designerTeamcenter, E2M Technologies can perform pre-post tasks on our owntowards an optimal solution in terms ofcommunicate easily and effectively to workstations while the server solves inperformance and production costs,keep a project on schedule.parallel, says Wever. Not having tosays Wever. From feasibility studies in If they suddenly decide, We want to have a small change there, E2M Technologies is capable of immediately implementing those changes without affecting deadlines, says Wever. This is possible using Simcenter combined with Teamcenter software. We can quickly communicate with our design engineers. As model changes are sent back to our department, we can update the models and verify where stresses are still acceptable.The strength of our company is being flexible to design changes at any stage of the project and still meet the deadline. We can really do that with the help of Simcenter 3D and Simcenter Nastran. n39'