b'Heavy Equipment | Engineer Innovationcomputational fluid dynamics (CFD) toKontraktion01_sim1: Solution 2 ResultLoad Case 1, Static Step 1solve and analyze problems that involveVorticity - Element-Nodal, Unaveraged, Magnitudefluid flows by successive approximationMin: 0.04, Max: 94.30, Units = Unitlessusing numerical analysis and data10.0009.500structures. 9.0008.5008.000Among the selection criteria were the7.5007.000support from the ACAM simulation6.500experts, who are also using Simcenter6.0005.5003D Flow and Simcenter 3D Thermal and5.000are familiar with asa hydrauliks design4.5004.000issues. Another is the softwares built- 3.5003.000in, fully parametric 3D feature-based2.500CAD modeler that allows for creating2.0001.500and modifying geometries directly1.000within the software. Simcenter 3D0.5000.000offers full compatibility andUnits = Unitlessassociativity with Solid Edge. Kontraktion_stp_fem1_sim1: Solution 2 ResultLoad Case 1, Static Step 1Vorticity - Element-Nodal, Unaveraged, MagnitudeSimcenter 3D has full CADMin: 0.04, Max: 34.20, Units = Unitlessfunctionality, allowing us to make modifications within the same software10.0009.500we use for simulating, says Feyerl.9.0008.500Due to the softwares full associativity8.000with Solid Edge, feeding back7.5007.000successful design variations to the6.500original models takes only a few6.0005.500seconds, facilitating successive design5.0004.500optimization. 4.0003.5003.000From virtual verification to real-world2.500success2.0001.500asa hydraulik started using Simcenter1.0000.5003D Flow and Simcenter 3D Thermal in0.0002017. Engineers received training inUnits = Unitlesstwo stages: following initial Siemens Digital Industries Software training, asaFigure 6: CFD simulation using Simcenter 3D Flow and Simcenter 3D Thermal was used to hydrauliks engineers also took aoptimize the geometry of the wind tunnel asa hydraulik built at its headquarters in Vienna, Austriarefresher course from ACAM to cover issues that arose in the beginning phases.Using Simcenter 3D for CFD As the softwares user interface has ansimulation also allowed us to intuitive design similar to the one our engineers are familiar with from Solid Edge, they became productive in a verygreatly reduce the number short time, says Feyerl. Using Simcenter 3D for CFD simulation also allowed us to greatly reduce theof physical prototypes we number of physical prototypes we build and analyze. build and analyze.Using Solid Edge and Simcenter 3D, weJuergen Feyerl managed to create a new range ofChief Technology Officer cooling products in little over a year,asa hydrauliksays Lindbichler. CFD simulation using Simcenter 3D Flow and Simcenter 3D Thermal allowed us to optimize the E-loop series for size and energy efficiency, helping us keep the competition at bay. n61'