b'Ask the expert | Engineer Innovationcontinually pushing back the boundaries of the possible, operating at the very frontier of engineering analysis.You cannot manage this in isolation, as solving a multi-disciplinary problem will often require competences outside an individual engineers immediate area of expertize. To be successful, a modern engineer needs to have ready access to a community of simulation experts.The good news is that becoming a Siemens customer means more than purchasing world-class software or Ask the Expert. services; it opens the door to an unrivalled wealth of engineering expertize. Our technological solutions No Engineer Left Behind: Supporting engineers inare backed by a global team engineering an era of simulation credibility analysis specialists, dedicated to helping you meet the challenges of your industry and exceed the expectations of your market. Supporting your needs There has never been a more excitingdisplace hardware testing as industrysBy maintaining a continual dialogue time to be a simulation engineer. Youverification method of choice. Althoughwith our customers, our aim is to have better tools, and more computingthis increased confidence in simulationidentify problems before they happen power, than any engineer in history.is well-deserved (and has been hard- and to provide immediate resolutions Whats more is that, while previousearned through many years ofwhen they do. From the moment you generations of simulation engineersuccessful prediction), it brings with it aplace a call to your dedicated local were often regarded as eccentric geeks,great deal of pressure to get the answersupport engineer, you are accessing one your colleagues and customers take theright every time. of the worlds biggest resources of results of your simulations seriously, andsimulation expertize.they play a strong role in influencing theAnd while simulation engineers used to design evolution of your companysbe regarded as specialists in aOur aim is to put you in touch with an products.particular engineering discipline,appropriate local expert in the minimum modern industry requires a broader setamount of time, and to provide you However, with acceptance comesof expertize: in order to meet thewith the advice that allows you to accountability and responsibility, whichdemands of industry, it is no longerdeliver top quality engineering analysis means that there has never been a moregood enough to do a bit of CFD oron time. By assigning a Dedicated difficult time to be a simulationsome stress analyses. Solving complexSupport Engineer to each of our engineer. Engineering simulationindustrial problems requires simulationcustomers, our aim is to develop a involves solving difficult physicstools that span a multitude of physicalprofessional results-orientated problems, using expensive software,phenomena and a variety ofrelationship that completely enormous computing resources, andengineering disciplines. Real-worldunderstands your analysis requirements, highly trained engineers. If theengineering problems do not separateand how the analysis relates to your problems werent difficult, then it isthemselves into convenient categoriesbusiness environment. doubtful that anyone would devote sosuch as aerodynamics, much time and money to solving them.hydrodynamics, heat transfer andBy developing this comprehensive An uncomfortable truth about modernsolid mechanics. Only multi- support model, and seeing the bigger engineering is that there really are nodisciplinary engineering simulation canpicture of overall business goals, easy problems left to solve. accurately capture all of the relevantSiemens engineers can help you solve physics that influence the real-worldmore than just technical problems and, Whereas previous generations ofperformance of a product, and can bein doing so, helps keep your business in engineers could take some comfort inused to automatically drive the virtualfront of your competition, and ideally an the safety net of extensive physicalproduct through a range of designestablished relationship with a testing to rescue them from theconfigurations and operating scenarios.dedicated support engineer who not occasional poor prediction, CAE isonly understands the engineers increasingly the victim of its ownIn order to design truly innovativeproblems, but can approach the right success as simulation continues toproducts, engineers like you areexpert help whenever needed. n61'