b'Engineer Innovation | Brownian motionBrownian Motion.The random musings of a Fluid DynamicistSMART Home gone Rogue!Its quite exciting living in a SMART world, the utility meter that reads itself so that you never have an estimated bill or the heating that can be controlled while you are on holiday so the pipes dont freeze and you can have a hot shower on your return. The possibilities seem endless and we are apparently now very close to a completely connected home.The big concern for these devices is their hack-ability whether for honest or dishonest purposes, no doubt you will have read the stories about home assistants listening and then either serving up inappropriate content or maybe sharing it with a third party. This got me thinking back to when I shared a home with toddlersIn my future home when the toaster makes golden toast, my fridge orders exactly the right amount of milk and the lights go on and off at the right time I am always relaxed and always prepared. Although I suspect it will be rather more like living with a toddler, the knob will have been played with so the toast will be black, the fridge will have been hijacked and contain only chocolate milk and the light will be turned on every night at 3am! n74'