b'Aerospace | Engineer InnovationOur goal was to have the most boringtransportation. From the largest flight test program weve ever seen,aircraft in history to small two-seaters says Wayne Tygert, Chief Engineer,made of steel and fabric, every plane Boeing, in describing one of the 787-10needs to prove airworthiness and Dreamliner test flight programs usedcompliance and be certified by for certification. regulatory authorities before operation. Boring usually isnt the first word that comes to mind when describingThe massive cost of certificationsomething that took 900 hours acrossCertification is estimated to cost $1 three test aircrafts, thousands ofmillion for a primary category aircraft regulations, upwards of 4,000(three seats or less), $25 million for a documents and millions of dollars. Andgeneral aviation aircraft and upwards of what is the 787-10? A simple extension$100 million for a commercial aircraft. in the midsection of the alreadyCertification costs and delays can run certified 787-9 to accommodate 40into millions of dollars, sometimes more passengers. The original 787burning up as much currency as it costs Dreamliner took eight years fromto develop the aircraft. This process can application to certification for the newoften decide profit or loss. design, clocking 4,645 flight hours in flight testing, more than 200,000Program delays, missed delivery dates, hours in Federal Aviationcost overruns and safety issues due to Administration (FAA) experts time anddesigns not meeting certification a much higher certification cost.requirements and requiring expensive redesign and flight testing frequently Getting an aircraft certified, whetheroccur. How do companies reduce new or modified, is a long, expensivecertification cost and time? Can you and bureaucratic process, albeit onereduce expensive testing while still that has led to the safest mode ofproving airworthiness? 31'