b'Medical | Engineer Innovationincreasesfor example, blending times increase, operating speed shifts and mixing forces get larger. All these changing parameters must be accounted for by the customer, who is growing theA Borganisms. With ABECs use of predictive desktop calculations and simulations, customers have insight into the entire process.Validating at small scale, executing at large scaleABEC employs a variety of approaches and methods to create solutions to theseCproblems. These include calculations, lab models, testing of production equipment and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling. Figure 3: Platform options for bioreactor performance evaluationABEC has found the most effective process includes desktop calculations,see how various parameters like oxygenand Simcenter STAR-CCM+ simulation to small-scale tests to generate data andtransfer, or shear rate changes. Thisextend the results.validate CFD, full-scale CFD modelingcomes out of the calculations and and full-scale confirmation testing. ABECsimulation.Demonstrating successrelies on Siemens Digital IndustriesABECs expertise includes understanding Softwares Simcenter STAR-CCM+With Simcenter STAR-CCM+, we can runprocess systems and simulation tools to software for conducting CFD. a computational simulation of thesupport reactor design. It uses finite laboratory configuration and confirm theelement analysis (FEA) for structural The desktop exercise tabulatessame results. We can then run a large- simulation, and CFD for fluid flow and information across the range of scales,scale simulation and be confident thatprocess simulation. ABECs investment in including parameters for vessels andmeasured performance of the deliveredtools for process benchmarking and agitator details and size along withequipment will track with expectations.simulation have yielded a high return, information on customer operation.As an example, we demonstrated thatallowing them to reduce their reliance Kubera observes, We will look atwe can cut blend time 50 percent byon full-scale experimentation, ensure consistent power per volume to start andusing laboratory tests to screen optionsprocess stability across sites and 13'