b'Engineer Innovation | AutomotiveBeyond data acquisition, the team streamlined its durability engineering process by relying on Simcenter Testlab software for load and fatigue analysis. The software effectively supports every step of a testing campaign, from data acquisition to load classification and fatigue life prediction. Moreover, it forms part of a platform dedicated to multiphysics test-based performance engineering and, as such, better helps balance the contribution of various performance attributes such as acoustic, comfort and durability, combined with low weight and fuel economy, to the overall perceived quality and reliability. We test more and moreThe function and durability departments main responsibility is to electronic components andtest and validate the functional performance of engine-related components. The engineers, less mechanical parts. Themeanwhile, acquire, analyze and compare test data on a large number of collaboration with Siemenscomponents and engine subsystems. They combine the outcome of durability analyses, such as time at level, rain flow is essential to adapt to thesecounting, range pair counting, level crossing, and fatigue life prediction, changes and to validatewith typical noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) analysis results, which can include peak hold spectra, order these new components. sections, colormaps, and many more. All durability and NVH data is acquired Arturo Barreuusing the same Simcenter SCADAS Powertrain Durability Test Engineer, Function and Durability Departmenthardware, and the analysis is performed NTCE-S in a single software environment, making it a very efficient process for the engineering team.measurements on the chassis dyno, after which the test team moves to theThe key challenge that we are test track. As the engineers are requiredconfronted with is the consolidation of to move the test equipment from oneour knowledge, says Barreu. We have location to the next and to instrumentto test more components now than ever the test item anew, they appreciate thebefore. These components are also of a portability and flexibility of Simcenterdifferent nature. We test more and SCADAS hardware. more electronic components and less mechanical parts. The collaboration We use Simcenter SCADAS hardwarewith Siemens is essential to adapt to for all our data acquisition tasks, saysthese changes and to validate these Barreu. It is a portable system which isnew components.very compact. It is also versatile, adjusting to our needs. With it, we canFor the validation of the component on acquire different types of data such asthe test rig, the team uses Simcenter acceleration or strain, using the sameTestlab to synthesize an equivalent equipment. Our Simcenter SCADAS datadamage profile and to consequently acquisition systems total more than 100emulate the damaging events channels, which we can easily transportencountered during test track from the engine dyno to the chassismeasurements on the rig. This highly dyno and to the test track and back. efficient process significantly 28'