b'Engineer Innovation | Automotivetime. After some design and analysis iterations the validated design is sent directly to the CAM engineer, without exporting data to a different format. In the past, we outsourced the finite element calculation, says te Wierik. It took two weeks to get results. Now with Simcenter, we can get the results in a matter of minutes or hours, depending on the analysis complexity. This speeds up many things. Doing simulation in-house gives a lot of insights about our product.Nanometer precisionWith extreme requirements for dimensional precision and for minimizing vibration magnitude down to nanometers, PM-Bearings faces unique manufacturing challenges. The accuracy, which is highly dependent on the machining process, affects products performance and aesthetics. Efficiently machining precise moving parts from 3D designs requires exact manufacturing instructions for the people and machines on the shop floor. NX CAM, with its integrated CAD, NC programming and machining simulation capabilities, enables PM-Bearings to define a complete manufacturing plan long before the first production run.systems, taking into account theimportant for my job is the ability to specifications for precision,read design data coming fromKenny Prins, Computer-Aided repeatability, loading and thecustomers who use different CADManufacturing (CAM) Engineer operating environment. I amplatforms, Meijerink adds. responsible for planning and control of responsible for transformingproduction at PM-Bearings, knows customers requirements into finalAccelerating analysis iterations from experience that in order to set up drawings, Meijerink says. NX CADThe integrated NX CAD and Simcenterthe production run completely right helps me develop design ideas rapidly3D CAE platform helps us acceleratethe first time, one must plan it and efficiently.our daily tasks, says Mathys te Wierik,digitally. In the beginning, all the R&D Engineer at PM-Bearings. Onceprogramming was done at the Instead of classifying parts bythe designs are complete, they must bemachine, Prins says. For each change alphanumeric codes, the part familyanalyzed for rigidity and performance.we had to check and modify the whole feature of Teamcenter enablesSimcenter excels at this. I can easilyprogram, which was very time-PM-Bearings to classify parts based onprepare the geometry for simulation; ifconsuming and prone to errors. The predefined criteria. It helps to embednecessary, introduce geometryresulting downtime of shop floor permitted part variations and to impartsimplification like midsurfacing, meshpersonnel and machine tools cost us a defined metrics and design standards.it, submit the task to the NX Nastranlot of time and money. Now, with NX For example, similar parts of differentsolver and analyze the computedCAM we can reduce programing time lengths can be grouped under one partresults. by up to 80% using a digital twin of the family. Part family is a useful feature,workpiece, tooling, and machine, says Meijerink. I can rapidly assembleIf required, I can perform geometrywhich helps us stay competitive.different parts and this saves a lot ofmodifications like shifting stiffening time. The complete model can beribs on the fly, directly withinLike many manufacturing companies, easily shared with design analysts andSimcenter, adds te Wierik. Because allPM-Bearings needs to mill, turn, and CAM engineers, making productassociated parts are updatedfinish higher-quality products faster, development fast and short. Anotherautomatically, I can solve it andwhile extending the tool life. When I key feature of NX CAD that iscompare analyses, which saves a lot ofreceive a model for production from 50'