b'Electronics | Engineer InnovationValidation of Packaging Thermal ResistanceBrian Philofsky, Principal Technical Marketing Engineer, Xilinx, Inc.methodology to determine the pointPressure Gauge to measure clamping of separation between the twoforcemeasurements. The point of separation identifies the junction-to- Clampingcase thermal resistance.Force switchMeasurement ResultsThe results of each measurement isPneumatic cylinder/pistonrepresented with Cumulative Structure Functions as shown in Figure 3. The values of Rranged from 0.14 K/W to JC0.19 K/W.Conclusion Cold PlateThe independent measurement results, provided by Mentor, ASiemens Business, on all four samplesInsulationwere at or below the Xilinx user guide value of 0.19 K/W for the XilinxXCZU15EG-FFVB1156 XCZU15EG-FFVB1156 device. Theon JEDEC Boardresults are encouraging as it indicates that Xilinx is providing the most accurate design data available to their customers. Having quality publishedFigure 2: Measurement Fixturedata allows customers to make T3Ster Master: structure function(s) T3Ster Master: structure function(s)informed choices and also develop the0.1628 0.1878appropriate thermal design in the1000010000 10000least amount of time.10000100 100 100References ] 2 Cth [Ws / K] 100s / K 2 ] 2Cth [Ws / K] s / K K [W21 1 1[1]1"JEDEC JESD51-14," Standard K [W ] 2Transient Dual Interface Test0.01 0.01 0.01Method for the Measurement ofCS3 2A 20A Less Grease - Ch. 0 CS5 2A 20A Lessest Grease On Site - Ch. 0 0.011e-4 CS3 2A 20A Lesser Grease - Ch. 0 1e-4 1e-4 CS5 2A 20A More Grease On Site - Ch. 0the Thermal Resistance CS3 2A 20A More Grease - Ch. 0 1e-4junction-to-case of00. [K / W] Rth [K / W]Semiconductor Devices with( 5 Customer Production Sample 1: 0.1628 K/W ( 6 Customer Production Sample 1: 0.1878 K/WHeat Flow Through a Single Path, T3Ster Master: structure function(s) T3Ster Master: structure function(s)2010. n 0.1417 0.141910000 10000 10000 10000100 100 100 100Cth [Ws / K] s / K K [W2 Cth [Ws / K] ] 21 1 1 1 s / K 2K [W0.01 0.01 0.01 0.011e-4 XS3 2A 20A More Grease - Ch. 0 1e-4 1e-4 ES1 2A 20A Less Grease - Ch. 0 1e-4XS3 2A 20A Less Grease - Ch. 0 ES1 2A 20A More Grease 2- Ch. 00.05 0.30.350.4 0.45 0.5Rth [K / W] Rth [K / W]( 7 Customer Engineering Sample 1: 0.1417 K/W ( 8 Xilinx Production Sample 1: 0.1419 K/WFigure 3: R JCMeasurement Results25'