b'Engineer Innovation | Power & EnergyCooling of a Full Scale Turbogenerator for Figure 1: The new SGen-3000W series Extreme OutputsBy Dr. Christian Jkel, Development Engineer, Siemens EnergySiemens generators are the perfectand reliable design process includes, solution wherever power has to beamong other things, the analysis of four generated quickly, reliably anddistinct areas: the cooler, stator, blower efficientlywhether on board of a shipand rotor. (Figure 2).or oil platform, in an industrial plant, a large gas or steam power plant or forSimulating the cooling of the entire synchronous condenser application togenerator, including all four sections, help integration of renewables. Thewould be immensely beneficial but latest water/hydrogen cooledrequires a substantial effort that was generators for power plant applicationnot deemed worthwhile. The high power output benefit from proveninvestigation of individual sections of design and technologies as well as thethe complex geometry led to application of a building-blockuncertainties with their interconnection approach.points as transfer boundary conditions are needed Alternatively a reduction to The new SGen-3000W series sharesa single 1D model would help a quick many features with other productssolution but lead to a reduction of across the Siemens portfolio whichgeometrical resolution, which is not allows for optimized material selectionideal as at this stage of development. and performance to provide customersDetails of the geometry have to be with low-cost, highly efficient, andtaken into account to validate 1D easily maintained generators for high- simulation parameters first. Accordingly power applications.some iteration between CFD and 1D analysis is required which consumes a One challenge faced by the engineerslot of effort and resources.designing the SGen-3000W series was the cooling concept of gas cooledDr. Christian Jkel is responsible for fluid generators. The proven, long-establisheddynamics, heat transfer and the cooling 12'