b'Engineer Innovation | Marinesuch as engine performance statistics,With our engine, you get the fuel savings revenue savings, real-time maintenanceof an inboard diesel engine combined information and other predictivewith the lower risk of an outboard diagnostics.engine, Reid says. Downtime is a very important aspect for many customers. If We were able to build a much biggerthey cant operate, they cant make and comprehensive organization to dealmoney. Diesel engines are dependable with the mammoth task of not justworkhorses. And, if worse comes to developing a diesel outboard as aworse, you can swap an outboard engine product, but also developing anor transmission. It is much easier to repair organization that can manage globalthan an inboard. This is why our diesel demand, global services and volumeoutboard concept is so appealing to broad manufacturing, adds Reid. segments of the market. I cant see anybody who wants to go fast with a The choice for diesel 300-horsepower requirement that In this day and age, the conscious choicewouldnt want our product.for diesel might seem strange to some. But high-performance diesel offersDesigning it rightnumerous advantages to the marineThe bigger commercial picture aside, community. One, it eliminates thecreating a bespoke, horizontal V8 engine burdensome and sometimes messyfor the marine market requires a high practice of self-mixing the right gas/oillevel of excellence when it comes to ratio, a requirement for classic two- engineering. Excellence is in the heart stroke outboard engines. Secondly,and soul of Cox Marine. It all started in diesel is cheaper, more readily available2007 when motorsports racing engineer and far less combustible than gasoline.David Cox came up with the idea to And, diesel offers better fueldevelop a lightweight diesel outboard performance, which means significantusing Formula One (F1) technology. bottom-line savings for price-sensitiveCharles Good joined as chairman and operators with high hour usage ratios.this idea was extended to the diesel (Think of the aquaculture farmers inoutboard market the next year. When Norway or an offshore rig that transportsthe first concept engine was fired up in staff back and forth daily.) 2010, Cox Marine was still a very small 60'