b'Consumer Products & Retail | Engineer InnovationAchieving goals early in productBrett Birschbach, senior engineeringdevelopment manager, NVH and durability, comments, The Simcenter SCADAS hardware dataI cant tell you how many times an acquisition system and Simcenter Testlabengineer has looked over at me and said, software play an integral role in the workThis software is really easy to use! This is of the NVH lab, providing engineers andfar easier than what we had before technicians with a process that enablesbecause its just more flexible.them to achieve product goals early in the development cycle. The NVH labWith Simcenter Testlab, the data is in the consists of a small group of engineerstree, you drag it over, drop it on and you who are experts in the field of NVH andhave the data visualized and can easily durability. The testing lab currently hascompare it to older projects, says Brett four Simcenter SCADAS systems. Two ofWeed, test engineer in NVH and them are used for acquisition in hemi- durability.anechoic sound chambers and the other two are applied to portableMatching design to quality standardsmeasurements in lab and fieldWhen working with engines, noise level conditions.is a primary concern. In Europe, for example, there are multiple certification The engine sound pressure is measured,standards for vibration and pressure-and the sound power and quality arebased sound power. Spectral analysis, calculated using Simcenter SCADAS,sound power and quality metrics are which is in the control room. Simcenterconsidered from the start. The NVH lab Testlab is used to monitor live data andengineers looks at the noise sources in processes during the recording, savingtheir products and adjust the design to testing and postprocessing time duringmatch quality standards. analysis. Simcenter test templates are created for both sound and vibrationAt the Briggs & Stratton testing facilities, measurements and are now more easilymost products are tested on concrete, documented. This improves testinghowever, they also utilize artificial grass capabilities and ensures commonfor testing lawn mowers. They also test procedures for all the employees in theon load bankshorizontal or vertical, NVH lab.with different speeds and loadsto 53'