b'Engineer Innovation | Automotive & TransportationSimcenter Testlab gives us a verynoise testing equipment on the test detailed, user-friendly reportingtrack. Where manufacturers need to structure, says Sagar Bendre, projectperform more tests in a shorter engineer, NATRAX. It builds thetimeframe, we will upgrade our track standard procedures which guides usequipment to allow for continuous through the testing processes but alsotesting of vehicles.offers additional information on the vehicles aggregate noise performanceRevised pass-by noise procedures make beyond a simple pass or fail. testing more challenging and create the need for better data management and Pass-by noise testing procedures more user guidance. More precise driver Accurate exterior pass-by noiseguidance, for instance, has become measurements require reliableparamount. This contributes to equipment and a systematic approach.maximizing the number of successful, Measuring by using sound level meters,valid pass-by noise test runs. The for example, would yield results thatSimcenter Testlab Drivers Aid App gives may not account for vehicle andclear, unmistakable instructions to the atmospheric parameters or monitor thevehicle driver to make sure the test conditions.acceleration starts at the right position and at the correct speed. We have been recently equipped with a complete pass-by noise testing systemIn the future, the Simcenter multi-from Siemens to perform accurate,vehicle pass-by noise solution will quick, repeatable and reliableenable NATRAX engineers to perform measurements, says Dr. Karuppaiah.more tests per day, with multiple We are now able to monitor allvehicles being driven simultaneously. In parameters comprehensively as per thethis robust configuration, each vehicle is requirements. In the near future, we areequipped with its own measuring considering placing permanent pass-bysystem and a laptop. Simcenter SCADAS 80'