b'Consumer Products & Retail | Engineer InnovationTestlab token licensing option allows users to run any combination oftoken-enabled software modules.Every problem is different and requires different tools, and with the token system, all tools are at hand. One of the things we like about Simcenter Testlab is the token-based licensing, says Birschbach. It opens up a whole world of possibilities. It allows us the freedom to do different analyses when we need to. If we want to do modal analysis one day and durability life prediction the next day, and if we need to do sound quality analysis after that, we can! Im not forced into buying individual software. That flexibility was huge, as we are a relatively small NVH group. Siemens support has also been facilitating testing for engineers at the Briggs & Stratton NVH lab. As Birschbach comments, Support is critical for a company like ours, and our support experience with Siemens has been exceptional. The level of support you get is remarkable. You not only get support immediately on the call, but if the issue cannot be resolved right away, you are going to have a solution as soon as possible. And not only for problems; if we have any questions, we can always call and they will give us advice, which has been very helpful to us.The Briggs & Stratton NVH lab plans on extending their capabilities in the future by implementing new features offered by the Simcenter portfolio in their testing to achieve consistent power without the noise. n57'