b'Engineer Innovation | Electronics & SemiconductorEarly design and optimization of a datacenter, a one-dimension approach By Dr. Azita Soleymani, Director and David Lew, Engineering Consultant, Electronic Cooling Solutions Inc. Electronics Cooling Solutions Inc. (ECS),Removing the dissipated heat generated based in Santa Clara, California is ais one of key considerations in the design dynamic Silicon Valley consultingof a datacenter as it is directly related to company. ECS has provided thermalthe reliability, performance, cost, and management expertise to thefootprint of data centers. There are electronics industry for over twodifferent cooling strategies depending decades. The team at ECS use state-of- upon the power capacity, local climates the-art simulation and measurementand the footprint limitations. tools such as Simcenter Flotherm XT and Simcenter hardware, they employThe design of a datacenter requires the design and analysis methodologies thatproper selections of pipes, pumps, can be scaled to address emergingvalves, heat exchangers and controllers thermal challenges. ECS have turnedto deliver the proper amount of flow to their expertise to the optimization ofthe devices so that cooling of servers, datacenters using 1D CFD tool,storages and switches is achieved and Simcenter Flomaster.optimized. 48'