b'Industrial Machinery & Heavy Equipment | Engineer Innovationplant, a smart phone or any other product or device whose performance is heavily depending on the physics of fluid dynamics. With this project the engineers at HP and Siemens have put the CAD/CAE/CAM world upside down and delivered a blue-print to the future of engineering across all industries. Together HP and Siemens realized a piece that has been designed by the flow. Without being able to be specific back in the days, this is probably what McKinsey meant when they stated, capturing the technologys full potential often requires completely rethinking the way products are designed. This scratch is a deep one.References [1] https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/operations/our-insights/additive-manufacturing-a-long-term-game-changer-for-manufacturers nMeasurements20-23 %CFD Simulation22 %37'