b'Power & Energy | Engineer InnovationFigure 7: Automatically created and parametrized modelwas established (figure 3) usingstreams and system boundaries. Amodel verification. A database for dedicated P&ID system design softwaresimplified drop down allows one toprocess equipment such as pumps and Intergraph Smartplant P&ID and 3Ddefine the boundary either as pressurevalves was also integrated as a part of factory modeling software Intergraphor flow and set appropriate values.the developed functionality. This Smartplant PDS/3D. The model libraryThus, the fluid system model creation isallowed Simcenter Flomaster to be information was complete withfully automated with placeholders fordirectly called from within the design interface development capabilities.component specific data like pipeinterface.lengths, diameter and direct transfer of Workflow geometric information like T junctionIn conceptual design stage, design Data for simulation are managedangles, nozzle dimensions etc. Thismodel changes frequently cause by centrally where a client connects to aminimizes any manual intervention andprocess changes. This tool can quickly central server and relevant simulationthe automated setup is ready with allcreate a simulation model, provide a data is stored in the same place. Thedata validated by tight tolerancereference for the design based on schematic in figure 4 explains in detailsettings to provide valuable informationFlomaster calculation results, and how the central data server hosts noton the systems performanceevaluate the solution more accurately. only the SQL databases needed bycharacteristics (figure 7). Data can thenThat reduce engineering changes by Simcenter Flomaster for simulation butbe exchanged in both directionsabout 50 percent.also acts as a general repository forcreating a strong digital thread that relevant data.combines Simcenter Flomaster as wellAt the detailed design stage, the project as the Plant-CAD tool.focuses on verifying the resistance of The mapping schema and sequence ofthe piping system, then calculates the component connections derived fromBenefits of integrated design pressure changes in both of pipelines, the P&ID systems (Figure 5) is used toAs a result of the implementation of thistees, elbows and other pipe fittings. The create an xml file as is required by theinterface, all components and theirnetwork modeling workload is Simcenter Flomasters command linedimensions are synchronized with theotherwise huge and prone to errors. interface in the form of an FMDNA3D models. The developed interfaceCombining P&ID and 3D models, (Flomaster dynamic network assembly)supports multi-dimensional modeling,automatic creation fluid network file. Using the open page connectorsuch as interdisciplinary systemsmodels improves modeling efficiency. tags, it is possible to collate multiplemodeling and process and pipelineFor nuclear power plant systems, pages of process flows and identifymodeling. To implement this, amanual modeling requires 90 man-days, appropriate process streams. The plug- complete model mapping database wascan be completed in nine man-days in is then called from within the CADdeveloped with methods to processwith this tool, a 90 percent increase in environment (figure 6) andbreak-points with tolerance checks forefficiency. nautomatically picks up multiple processconnectivity, component detection and 25'