b'Engineer Innovation | The Digital Twinoperation and reflecting any maintenance performed. A digital twin should be used to analyze and simulate real-world conditions, respond to changes in its environment, improve operations, and add value.Adaptability can extend to the physical asset as well. Executable digital twins or xDT for short embed simulation models into the physical asset. These models can run on edge devices or on the cloud and can even run in real-time in cases. One can think of it as a digital twin, used outside the traditional CAE environment and turned into an executable asset that makes processes, products, sensors or controllers smarter and hereby opening the road to new business cases. The executable digital twin in this case is allowing the physical twin to adapt better to its environment. 5. Predictive: the virtual space must predict the performance of the physical asset .As simulation engineers, the challenge is for us to make our simulation models versatile and robust enough to live alongside the physical asset for its entire operational life, providing a predictive engine to answer the what-if? questions that only arise in operation.3. Connected: there must be data flowthe real-world performance of a between the virtual and real spaces. physical asset accurately. The digitalBy the most basic definition, the twin gives us an unprecedentedvirtual space could just be a simple The Real Space and Virtual Spaceopportunity to verify, validate, andrecord of the condition of the physical need to be connected by a stream ofultimately improve our simulationsasset, detailing its current state and data that (at the very least) updatesagainst real-world operational datathat of the individual components the virtual twin about the as israther than contrived experimentalfrom which it is built. Although this condition of the real-life asset.tests.limited implementation might be useful in some regards, with no ability As simulation engineers, we are oftenThis data will be useful forto predict the assets future forced through a lack of data toguaranteeing and improving theperformance (either under standard approximate boundary conditions andperformance of existing physicaloperating conditions or under some simplify operating scenarios. Digitalassets. It will also inform futureextreme eventuality), then the utility twin technology will change thatgenerations of the same productof this dumb twin is severely limited. forever; as we accumulate data aboutfamily.For a digital twin to realize its full a physical assets real-worldvalue, it needs to be predictive rather performance, we can use it to4. Adaptable: the virtual space mustthan just descriptive.challenge our assumptions and refinerespond to changes in the real spaceour models.The reality is that - for now at least - if The whole point of the digital twin isyou need to answer what if? Truly accurate prediction depends onthat the virtual space is a mirror of thequestions about the performance of acknowledging those occasions onreal space, evolving, aging, andyour digital twin, then simulation is which our simulations fail to captureadapting to the wear and tear ofthe only game in town. If I want to 28'