b'Electronics & Semiconductor | Engineer InnovationFigure 1: The schematic drawing of the StatePoint unit. Photo courtesy of Nortek Air Solutions.Developing a system level simulation/operating scenarios and to conduct tool to accurately predict the real-timein-depth root cause analyses, to further hydraulic and thermal performance atoptimize the design and operating component and system level is crucial atparameters. the very early stages of the design. The tool can be used to evaluate differentIn this study, Simcenter Flomaster was design scenarios, to evaluate theused to develop a simulation tool to feasibility of a design, to estimate thestudy the real-time hydraulic behavior of energy consumption and water losses,a multi-story datacenter, one of the and to size the components such aslargest datacenter in the world. Three pumps, valves, heat exchangers andloops are employed : one loop unique to reservoirs. Moreover, the simulation tooleach floor to cool the load of that floor can be utilized to perform what-if design(servers, lights, air conditioning for 16001200Speed of Pump, rpm8004000TimeFigure 2: A controller was coupled with the pump toFigure 3: The pump rotational speed as a adjust the speed of the pump. function of time 49'