b"Electronics & Semiconductor | Engineer Innovationmax Pressure bar minP Pt=500secFigure 7: The water pressure at one instant in timewater conditions. The StatePoint unitlevel, pressure drop across a component automatically stages up and downor a target mass flow rate. The between the Stages of Operation basedappropriate values for the proportional, on selected efficiency mode and inflowintegral, and derivative modes for the PID water temperature.controllers were estimated using ZieglerNichols tuning method. The sequence of the operation was implemented in the 1-D simulation toolThe model results can be used to size by writing the scripts and incorporatingpipe diameters, bend radius, pumps, and control features available in Simcenterheat exchangers. The results can help to Flomaster. The temporal variations ofidentify if there is sufficient capacity for the pumps speed, as shown in figure 2growth, and to determine whether as a function of the reservoir waterredundant systems should be considered level, stage of cooling, time, requestedfor high reliability, or whether the risk speed by the Data Hall Manager and thewithout redundancy is acceptable. At the designed ramp up/down speed wasvery early stage of the design, model included in the model. Figure 3results can be used to identify demonstrates the temporal variation ofopportunities for minimizing the overall the pump speed. The color indicates thepressure head losses within the operation modes of the StatePoint unit.datacenter. Furthermore, the model results can help answer questions on Sufficient PID controls, as shown in figurefuture occupancy (five to seven years 4 were added to the model to modulatedown the road) and commissioning the valves opening based on the real- issues (system isn't responding as time variables such as reservoir waterexpected). nStatePoint systems reduce the water consumption by more than 20 percent for data centers in hot and humid climates and by almost 90 percentDr. Azita Soleymani, Electronic Cooling Solutions Inc.51"