b'Engineer Innovation | Power & EnergyPressurizerReactorSteam generatorMCPPrimary hydraulic accumulatorsSecondary hydraulic accumulatorsFigure 2: Layout of the primary circuit equipment in VVER-1200. Previously, it took us half (IAEA). The possibility of an emergency failure of a VVER-1200 reactor is about one per few thousand years.a year to build a mesh. NowState-of-the-art reactor safetywith Simcenter STAR-CCM+,The VVER-1200 reactors can withstand the worst of natural disasters, including earthquakes greater than intensity eight the whole process takes abouton the Medvedev-Sponheuer-Karnik (MSK-64) scale, aircraft impacts, flooding a week to mesh and analyze. and tornadoes. The state-of-the-art safety systems are designed on a defense-in-depth concept, providing Vasilii Volkovmultiple barriers and isolation systems to Design Engineerconfine fission products in case of an OKB GIDROPRESS accident and minimize damage.Passive heat removal is the key to this The worlds first Generation III+ reactor,improved safety. The reactors do not the VVER-1200 is a specialized design ofdepend on external power for the critical the pressurized water reactors (PWR) andsafety systems, ensuring protection provides improved performance and costagainst a complete blackout. A core efficiency. Boasting a 20 percent highercatcher under the reactor protects power capacity, a 60 year service life, 18against core meltdown. Double month refueling cycle, complete factorycontainment with a ventilated gap manufacturing and 30 to 40 percent lessprotects against accidental radioactive personnel due to automation, VVER-1200release to the environment. All these reactors lead to better economics. systems exist in addition to the active safety systems, providing four trains of But where the reactor really shines issafety systems. The safety systems offer where it really should: safety. The VVERguaranteed protection delivering reactor family is already known for theirtermination of nuclear reaction, safety with 1,000 reactor years of fail- continuous heat removal and safe operation. The new VVER-1200containment of nuclear reaction.designs are equipped with an extensive combination of active and passive safetySafety and economy in reactor design systems designed to meet all post- with simulationFukushima safety requirements from theThink of how difficult it is to inspect and International Atomic Energy Agencytest a nuclear reactor in the design stage: 18'