b'Engineer Innovation | Automotive & TransportationMission Possible: Optimize a battery pack while reducing costs Siemens solutions enable PSA Peugeot Citroen to reduce product development time from months to weeksNavigating the road to electrification transition. PSA Peugeot Citroens 2020 is a key year for the automotiveobjectives is to have its vehicle range industry. New regulations and carboncompletely electrified by 2025. dioxide (CO ) emission standards for cars 2mean there is no way aroundThe battery is at the heart of electrification. All external factors areelectrification converging, including governmentThe battery is a key component for incentives, tighter regulations and fallingenabling electrified vehicles to meet battery prices. Boston Consulting Groupscustomer expectations. Range anxiety (BCG) latest global automotiveremains an important barrier to address. powertrain forecast shows sales ofMost electrical vehicles batteries have an electrified vehicles (xEVs) growing eveneight-year warranty or a faster than expected. According to BCG,160,000-kilometer (km) (100,000-mile) these cars will command one- third ofdrive limit. Therefore, OEMs have to the market by 2025 and 51 percent bydevelop strategies to slow down battery 2030, surpassing sales of vehiclesaging. One of the most impactful criteria powered purely by internal combustionfor the battery aging is the temperature engines (ICEs).variation that it endures. Although there is larger battery capacity at high All original equipment manufacturerstemperatures, it drastically shortens (OEMs) are speeding up plans to electrifybattery life. Thermal management of cars, and the PSA Groupe is no exception.batteries is critical for achieving optimal The group has been committed to cleantemperatures for any driving condition. and sustainable mobility for quite a whileThis enables the user to determine the so the choices they made in the pastperfect balance between capacity and make it ready to play its part in the energybattery life. 82'