b'Engineer Innovation | Power & EnergyDigitalization in the nuclear industryDigitalization poses significantP&ID/PFD Model Simulation &Commissioningopportunities to improve technical andCreation (CAD) Creation (CAE)Optimization& Validationbusiness processes for most industries working with large and complex pipingFigure 1: Traditional modeling approach where CAD and CAE are often disconnectedsystems. Although new technologies are being introduced at a rapid pace,Business Processes andthe age-old requirements of safety andManufacturing/Design Systemscompliance remain very much unfettered by change. The innovationCAE In-House Codedriven by new technologies is oftenCAD PLM Optimization Ofceconstrained by these non-negotiable requirements, particularly in the nuclear industry. Integrate AutomateThe Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute(SNERDI) is leading the way in implementing the next step inGUI XML API COM API .NET API mpCCI APIdigitalization by bridging the gapScriptingbetween computer aided drafting (CAD) and computer aided engineering (CAE).Simcenter Flomaster ApplicationThe use of modeling and simulation in early engineering phase is constantly on the rise. One such step is accomplished by embeddingSQL APISimcenter Flomaster, the leading solution for thermo-fluid analyses within their Plant-CAD environment. The Plant-CAD environment typically includes 3D plant layout, process flow diagrams or process andFlomaster Relational Databaseinstrumentation diagrams.Figure 2: New approach integrating simulation and analysis with designIntegration of analyses in the design phase reduces precious engineeringbasis for innovation in the nuclear andThe traditional modeling approach hours that are spent on model creation.plant and process industry.(figure 1) requires inputs from system Since the effort has already been spentflowcharts & pipeline isometrics to once when drafting piping systems inSimcenter Flomaster is used for thecreate the network schematic. This is the PlantCAD environment, thisdesign and analysis of multiple processdone by assembling various essentially highlights the severity ofsystems of nuclear plants. The designcomponents in the desired order and resource under-utilization in currentworkflow includes selecting the rightadding the relevant geometric and workflows. This underlines an industry- equipment and analyzing multiple pipeperformance data to each of these wide need for a continuous andand equipment arrangements tocomponents. This approach is typical of connected digital thread thatoptimize design for safety and efficiencymost CAE tools which are designed to streamlines workflows and forms thesimultaneously. operate independent of CAD.22'