b'Consumer Products & Retail | Engineer Innovationtesting of engine and finished product. Simcenter Testlab is easy to use Simcenter SCADAS XS hardware is a portable acquisition equipment system well-suited for these types ofand delivers an accurate and measurements. For example, it is important to measure the handlebarrepeatable presentation of vibration of a lawn mower caused by the engine for safety and comfort, making sure it meets guidelines such as theresults.International Organization of Standardization (ISO) 2631 human bodyBrett Weedvibration standard. Test Engineer in NVH and DurabilityProviding durability Briggs & Stratton CorporationThe same equipment is used for durability testing. The data acquired with the system can easily be converted for use on accelerated tests using a shaker or a hydraulic test system. The NVH lab uses strain gauges and fatigue damage spectrum for their accelerated tests. Modal testing is performed using a shaker or a hammer impact on engines and products in the NVH lab with Simcenter testing solutions. The hammer and shaker modal setup in Simcenter Testlab is easy to use and delivers an accurate and repeatable presentation of results.The processing tools that Simcenter offers provide engineers with the ability 55'