b'Marine | Engineer InnovationChanging the game for outboard enginesThe massive, market-changing advantages of a high-powered, fuel-efficient, cleaner V8 diesel outboard engine are obvious to salmon farmers in the Norwegian fjords or islanders in the Maldives who drive Zodiac boats to work. For Joel Reid, these advantages are front of mind. Reid is the global sales director of Cox Marine, a British startup based in Shoreham-by-Sea, near Brighton, UK. A company with a serious desire to change things for the better, Cox Marine knows a business opportunity when it sees oneand knows how to act fast. This was the case with its first product, the CXO300 outboard engine, which is packed with punch yet 25 percent more fuel efficient and cleaner than most other outboards in the global marine industry. Specifically designed for the marine industry, the CXO300 is set to go into production in late May 2020. One of the most powerful diesel outboards on the market, this high-performance 300 horsepower engine promises to last three times longer than comparable models. And Cox Marine has more ideas up its sleeve.Our CEO Tim Routsis likes to say, We are not developing a product; we are developing a business. And this is by far the biggest challenge that we face, explains Reid.Cox Marine didnt plan to just offer a dedicated marine engine. They also set up a global service network of 200 dealers and representation in 100 countries. And while they reinvented the marine outboard engine, why not reinvent the service model as well? The company aims to redefine the standards of global service and customer care including cloud-based data analytics services, 59'