b'Automotive & Transportation | Engineer Innovationusing a nodes network. He reachedelectrical vehicle that enabled him to also similar results to the 3D thermal-hydraulicopt for an intrusive design. Therefore, modeling but in shorter runtimes. WeGreco explains that the multi-physics used Simcenter Amesim to develop thissimulation and results help us to predict approach that helped us not only saveperformance but also to challenge the simulation runtimes, but also assess thebattery supplier to make them design a dynamic thermal management of thebattery pack as efficient as the one they battery versus a static assessment that wepropose but requiring a more optimal usually achieved using 3D thermal modelthermal management system.for the battery coupled to a 3D CFD (cooling plate) model. Saving time thanks to improved simulation engineering methodology Challenging the supplier to obtainHaving developed that nodes network better cell designmethodology to model the battery Greco mainly worked on battery designthermal management has been a great for mild hybrid and electrical vehicles. Bymove forward to propose very detailed using the models built with Simcenterand specific battery design requirements Amesim we have been able to optimizeand challenge the supplier, explains the battery cooling system andGreco. architecture. Indeed, from the battery model provided by the supplier using theThis improved methodology enables the 3D to 1D simulation approach, I have beenteam in charge of battery modeling to able to show the battery could have anmake decisions earlier in the development overall thermal resistance of 0.9K/Wcycle and define a battery architecture (worst case) instead of the 1.8K/Wthat enables them to reach reliability and proposed by the supplier. The new designsafety criteria for an optimal overall (0.9K/W) was able to reject twice as muchvehicle performance. With Simcenter heat compared to the supplier proposal,Amesim, in some projects we reduced for the same cooling conditions,product development time from months providing the expected performanceto weeks using multi-physics modeling. required in the technical specification. This advanced methodology will enable us to improve our development process Greco established that methodology earlyfor future vehicle program in the development cycle of a newdevelopment. n85'