b'Automotive & Transportation | Engineer InnovationThis includes interior noise testThe NATRAX test tracks are designed to measurements that can be performedsupport the flawless execution of all simultaneously with pass-by noise tests,these tests according to various such as the noise at the drivers andnational and international standards. passengers ear level, and rolling noiseThey are equipped with leading-edge measured at the tires while a vehicle isequipment to perform accurate decelerating with the engine off and themeasurements, including light barriers, gears disengaged. Finally, the stationaryweather station, microphones, and noise test is measured withSiemens Digital Industries Softwares microphones by the vehicle exhaust asSimcenter SCADAS data acquisition the operator revs the engine to higherhardware and Simcenter Testlab rotations per minute (rpm).analysis software.We have been recently equipped with a complete pass-by noise testing system from Siemens to perform accurate, quick, repeatable and reliable measurements.Dr. N. Karuppaiah Additional Director and Head NATRAX79'