b'Geek Hub | Engineer Innovation325.00299.30273.60247.90222.20196.50170.80145.10119.4093.7068.00Temperature (Solid) [F]People assume that the averagebe responsible for this issue. Designto solve this discrepancy. Multiple temperature inside the grill is theexploration can be performed intemperature probes could also be temperature of the probe. From theorder to vary the orientation of theseused in order to get a better idea of image below we can see that the probevents to find the best arrangement ofthe temperature distribution inside is at ~290F but the temperature in thethe vents. the grill. ntop kettle which has the food could be2. There was some uneven temperature anywhere between 400-410F. This isdistribution on the outer surface of more than a 100F difference in thethe lower kettle. This could be due measured vs the actual temperature. to hot air escaping or the metallic attachments. Further work needs to Next steps and summarybe done to identify the cause of this Simcenter FLOEFD provides insight intotemperature difference.the performance of this grill. Valuable3. The temperature probe shows more information can be extracted fromthan 100F lower temperature than these results without having to dosome regions in the grill. A better physical testing. These results offer aapproach would be to conduct more in-depth analysis of the grillmultiple studies and find out a performance than that which can becorrection factor that can be applied achieved through physical testing. With Simcenter FLOEFD engineers can perform intelligent design exploration Temperature 410.21 Fon existing designs to improve the performance. Various things likeTemperature (Solid) 288.54 FTemperature 403.04 Fgeometry, boundary conditions, constraints can be changed and things like temperature in certain regions, flow velocities in keys areas, etc., can be optimized for. 550.61Some of the conclusions and possible502.55next steps for this grill are as follows: 454.49406.43358.371. Temperature distribution inside the310.31262.25kettle is fairly uniform but there are214.18some hot spots with higher that 40F166.12difference than the surroundings.118.0670.00Even temperature distribution isTemperature [F]desired in all regions of the grill. The placement of the top vents relative to the bottom vents could 97'