b'Engineer Innovation | Automotive & Transportation Dynamic profilePower TemperatureTjr_max_AME [degC]Tjr_max_3D [null]Maximum T=2Cx103 x103012345 012345x: Times [s] x: Times [s]Constant Power (45kW)Tjr_max_3D [degC]Tjr_max_AME [degC]Tjr_min_3D [degC]Tjr_min_AME [degC]45kW dischargeMaximum T=2Cx10301234x: Times [s]Figure 2: eCMP comparison between Simcenter Amesim and 3D modelThe versatility of the multi-physics modelsto simulation enables PSA Peugeot is key to be able to realistically assess theCitroen to rapidly analyze battery impact of changes on the expectedperformance and its thermal performance levels. That is one of themanagement. Further, it enables the firm reasons we decided to use Simcenterto investigate alternative battery designs, Amesim for our multi-physics analysis asvalidate them virtually and to make sure it helps us remain agile. they meet the required levels of performance without compromising Developing battery system model fromsafety. We can also transmit required 3D designimprovements to battery suppliers. To analyze battery thermal management, Greco has to understand how the batteryWe used to assess battery thermal is designed by PSA Peugeot Citroenmanagement using 3D battery modeling suppliers. Tier suppliers usually size andfor both static evaluation and cell develop the battery module bythermal flow modeling, says Greco. considering the worst use-case conditionsThis happened too late in the to ensure the electric vehicle works underdevelopment cycle and didnt allow you any conditions and the battery life rangeto anticipate any change in the battery aligns with the eight-year warranty anddesign. So, it has been fundamental to meets regulation requirements.find a way to transcribe 3D thermal and hydraulic model into 1D model with the Nevertheless, the battery is oftenaddition of the electrical part in order to oversized and so is the cooling system.evaluate the battery thermal Consequently, it costs more developmentmanagement in a reliable way early in time but also reduces the overall vehiclethe development cycle. performance. According to Greco, Oversizing the battery pack is a safe bet,To succeed, Greco developed a but it leads to increased costs. And thismethodology to develop a 1D model of can definitely be optimized. Having accessthe battery from a 3D thermal model 84'