b'Engineer Innovation | Automotive & TransportationNATRAX: A comprehensive testing trackAsias largest automotive proving ground uses Simcenter to offer state-of-the-art pass-by noise testing and engineering capabilities National Automotive Test TracksNATRiP invested over $200 million (USD) (NATRAX) is a world-class automotiveto create this world-class facility. proving ground for the comprehensive testing and evaluation of all vehicleCombating noise pollution to improve types. It is set on 1,200 hectares outsidepublic healthof Indore, India. The facility is designedOne of NATRAXs primary objectives is to to cater to the testing needs of thehelp reduce noise emissions by Indian and Asian automotive industries.providing vehicle manufacturers with It offers many different track designscutting-edge facilities and services for and surface coatings to test vehiclesacoustic engineering. Noise pollution against varying conditions and terrains.has damaging effects on public health, The facility is used to evaluate thewith consequences ranging from stress functional performance of vehicles withand ill-being to impairing cognitive regards to speed, acceleration, breaking,performances, disturbing the human fuel efficiency, noise, vibration,hormonal system, affecting the handling, stability, and more. With itscardiovascular system and increasing vehicle dynamics laboratory, NATRAX isthe risk of stroke. Similar negative also a center of excellence for vehicleeffects have been observed on the dynamics assessment and engineering.fauna in and near urban or noisy areas. Road traffic accounts for more than 80 NATRAX is one of the automotive testpercent of total noise pollution, and as centers under the umbrella of theworld population rises, so does traffic. National Automotive Testing and R&DConsequently, decreasing noise Infrastructures project (NATRiP). NATRiPemission in the transportation industry is an initiative funded by thehas become a priority to improve government of India to support theenvironmental safety with a positive growing Indian automotive industry.effect on public health.76'