b"Power & Energy | Engineer InnovationSensorCALCULATIONPosition 12:00ShroudHudSensorSensor RadiusPositionPosition 09:00 03:00 Tangential Axial Velocity VelocitySensor Position 06:00MEASUREMENT MEASUREMENTRadius RadiusAxial VelocityTangential Velocity Distribution [m/s] Distribution [m/s]Inner Radius Inner RadiusMiddle Radius Middle RadiusOuter Radius 48.0 Outer RadiusCALCULATION Velocity o'clock 0.012 o'clock -12.09 o'clock -24.06 o'clock -36.0-48.0-60.0Figure 7: Blower I, velocity distribution Figure 8manufactured using additiveloop machine cooling system with an manufacturing processes, to ensureaccuracy of 2 percent for the simulated perfect integration and to meet somefan flow rate and within experimental additional requirements of a highuncertainties. voltage environment. (Figure 4)In the past the benefit for an entire Many comparisons betweensimulation did not justify the effort but measurement and simulation wereby using Simcenter FLOEFD, the overall carried out, some of which arebenefits outweigh the efforts and discussed in this article.enables the reduction of lead and calculation time from several months to The static pressure results achieved aa few weeks. It was a significant step deviation of less than 15 percentforward to be able to simulate this between simulation and measurement,model complexity in its entirety, leading which is more than acceptable whento most competitive product designs. nconsidering the whole device in one simulation (Figure 5). In contrary, a consecutive numerical analysis with separated domains of non-validated geometry is deemed to yield increased deviation.The comparison of the velocities of the blower showed a very good agreement with physical tests. (Figure 6)The simulated circumferential velocity distribution due to unsymmetrical flow path is quite similar, with an overall volume flow of only two percent lower than measurements which is a great achievement of the simulation approach.This project, for the new Siemens SGen-3000W series has proven that model complexity can be handled by Simcenter FLOEFD in NX. The pressure and volume flow show reasonable distribution and order of magnitude, meaning that Simcenter FLOEFD is capable of calculating a whole closed-15"