b'Marine | Engineer InnovationManaged by Euan Freeman, a long-timeengineering team is to balance issues aficionado of Simcenter Amesim, thelike engine performance, fuel efficiency advanced engineering team has played atargets, and emissions. As a startup, major role in the success of the CXO300. getting that first engine on the market is a question of time as well as money.The art of the possible with a digital twin We can take out a huge amount of Early in the process, the engineeringuncertainty in the first build using team at Cox Marine started to create aSimcenter Amesim, Freeman says. We digital twin in Simcenter Amesim.can do a huge amount of upfront work. Today, this has advanced to a co- We would have 24 variants of engines simulation model between theand have one engine that would have to Simcenter Amesim and Simcenter 3Dbe built. Were looking at hundreds of software packages. This advancedthousands of pounds being saved just by engineering model is critical to all kindsdoing that upfront. For us, that drives of design decisions. With advanceddevelopment time down by months and performance predictions, engineers canmonths.quickly try out concepts for feasibility studies. They can model parts to see ifWhats next?they are the most effective. They canAs the designers and engineers begin tweak the model virtually to see how awork on the next product release and design change might affectthe test team fine-tunes final performance criteria. And they can helpperformance aspects on the water, the test team troubleshoot issues on theeveryone at Cox Marine is excited to see prototype.the first CXO300 outboard roll off the production lines at the new factory in If we can use Simcenter Amesim toShoreham-by-Sea. simulate something rather than build or 3D model it, we will, says Freeman,We hope that everyone will be fully principal engineer for systemsconvinced that high-performance, engineering and fluid analysis at Coxfuel-efficient diesel outboards are the Marine. It is a flexible tool to turn outway forward, Reid concludes. This is a quick answers. With Simcenter Amesim,journey that we all embark on. We are in we can potentially get the initialthis for the long run. We are in this to answers in hours or days rather thanchange the market. You do not change months.the market with a product. You change the market with a commitment, a service The CXO300 is a massively complicatedthat goes for decades and decades. I system and the core job of thethink thats what makes us unique. n63'