b'Engineer InnovationUnlock innovation and lifecycle optimization Where do your ideas for innovation come from? After all, inspiration can strike from the unlikeliest of places. Some are blessed with unending imagination. Some take inspiration from nature. Some are hit by ideas when walking, driving and even sleeping. But sometimes inspiration needs a helping hand. And thats where we come in. Usually when designing a product, you start with requirements. You rapidly move to developing concepts and designs for components or systems. Simulation and test are then used to check whether the proposed design meets those requirements. And this is exactly where Simcenter can bring a paradigm shift. Generative engineering can help you explore your design fully. Together with AI you can automate and streamline the process of generating, evaluating and refining designs that meet those requirements. Thus helping you accelerate the pace and scope of innovation.There is also an increasing opportunity for you to use the models built when designing the product towards downstream activities to optimize their full lifecycle, so called continuous engineering. You can even take it one step further. Embed digital twins within final products to enhance the performance of those products.This is not pie in the sky technology. Read how Simcenter customers are using simulation and test to push the digital twins of their products farther, faster and more efficiently. In this section of Engineer Innovation, we bring you some of those stories alongside technical articles. 31'