b"Brownian motion | Engineer Innovationorganisms (natural gas, crude oil, and coal). Supplies of those hydrocarbons are limited and burning them is a primary cause of climate change. As engineers and a society, we obviously have lots of work to do in finding sustainable alternatives to fuel the requirements of our energy-hungry species. This is one of the reasons that I've recently decided to get rid of my gas-guzzling car. I might eventually replace it with an electric vehicle (for which the charging process is even more tedious than refueling), but for the moment, I'll try to walk and cycle instead. n*The chemical energy contained within the fuel is created to high-grade thermal energy by the combustion process. Most of this is wasted as heat, but some is turned into useful kinetic energy that propels the vehicle. That kinetic energy will ultimately be converted into low grade heat through mechanical friction (including braking) and aerodynamic drag, which will also be converted into heat by viscous friction. Some of the energy might temporarily be stored in the battery of the vehicle. The only way that I can think of to avoid converting ALL of the fuel energy to heat, is to drive your vehicle to the top of a big hill and leave it there (thereby permanently converting it to potential energy). 99"