b'Power & Energy | Engineer InnovationFigure 5: Flow streamlines from CFD simulations showing loop mixing helped OKB GIDROPRESS optimize coolant mixing performance.VVER-TOI (typical optimized with Simcenter STAR-CCM+ is the enhanced information) design with the first plant in construction in Russia.only CFD code that allows us to Designed with the same simulation process in Simcenter, the VVER-TOIcreate simulations with a mesh delivers increased power and cooling reliability, lower construction and operating costs, a 72 hour grace periodsize of one billion cells with for passive safety systems and 40 month construction time. Together, the VVER- ease and accuracy.1200 and VVER-TOI are helping reduce COemissions and deliver on our energy 2 Vasilii Volkov future. Design Engineer For the last 10 years, CFD simulationsOKB GIDROPRESShave helped OKB GIDROPRESS develop new equipment and maintain our leadership in the nuclear industry, says Volkov. With Simcenter and Teamcenter, we can make better, more efficient reactors faster. n21'