b'Engineer Innovation | Power & EnergyOKB GIDROPRESSOKB GIDROPRESS uses SimcenterSTAR-CCM+ to deliver next-generation nuclear reactorsIn 1997, the global climate treaty knownThere is a connection here: the still-as the Kyoto Protocol was signed in Kyoto,persistent reliance on coal and fossil Japan. This treaty symbolized the fact thatfuels today is a pressing problem. The the world had finally warmed up to theVVER-1200 is a small yet significant part threat of global warming. Countriesof the solution.unanimously pledged to reduce carbon dioxide (CO ) emissions and greenhouseThe nuclear option 2gases in the atmosphere. Coal, the majorTo combat the growing threat of climate energy source of COemissions,change, the International Energy Agency 2contributed 25 percent of global energy(IEA) has estimated that by 2040, 84 consumption. Something had to change. percent of all energy must come from low-carbon sources. This marks a But change was painstakingly slow. Insignificant jump from the current value 2017, coal made up 27.6 percent ofof 35 percent and one that cannot be global energy consumption. Renewablesmet by renewables alone. To tackle the were making progress, but the earth waslooming climate change threat, the warming up faster than before. scientific community agrees an energy plan inclusive of all carbon-free sources That same year, the worlds first fullis needed.startup of a Generation III+ nuclear reactor, the VVER-1200, a water- Enter the nuclear option. Nuclear energy moderated, water-cooled reactor,is still the best available source of happened in Novovoronezh in Centralcontinuous, carbon-free electricity and Russia. can play a significant role in meeting 16'