b'Engineer Innovation | Interviewcreate designs for a wide range of charger applications within the OEMs design parameters. However, any engineer who has worked with electromagnetics knows the challenge: EMI. Our main challenge is EMI and a rule of thumb with EMI isthere is no rule of thumb, explains Puranen. What worked in one project might be terrible solution in the next one. Each project is different and this EMI challenge in planar transformers plays a key role in our design process.Typically a solution for EMI issues would be to add filtering components to meet Figure 3: The current waveform in the primary coil. The peak current when switching off iscustomer specifications. Although a around 1.2 amps (A) as desired. workable solution, filter components cost additional money, and consider how many millions of chargers are manufactured. Too much extra material, like EMI filters, and the product is no longer competitive. So the best idea according to Puranen is to optimize your original design to the max. Poor transformer designs need lots of filtering components to meet customer specifications. Basically, these filters cost money and eat up the profit margin.Enter Simcenter 3DElectromagneticsThis is where Simcenter 3D Electromagnetics steps into the picture. Figure 4: The current waveform in the secondary coil. The peak current when switching off isOne of the newest modules in the around 10 amps (A) as desired. Simcenter portfolio, Simcenter 3D Electromagnetics offers an advanced Most of the time, they dont match theelectromagnetics simulation solution real result. This is where accurate andfor both low frequency and high advanced simulation is so useful.frequency issues. More importantly, when it comes to material savings, With accurate simulation results, likeSimcenter 3D Electromagnetics is an those we got from Simcenter 3Dexcellent tool to help determine where Electromagnetics, you can reduce thematerial is being overused or where it is number of design of experiments (DOE)not needed and can be removed to save required to get to the planarcosts and reduce weight. Users can transformer parameters that you need,specify a minimum efficiency adds Puranen. percentage for the operating range of transformer being designed as well.Enter the engineering trickster: EMIWith magnetic components andWe started using the new version after capacitors that reduce size whilethe Chinese New Year in January 2020. increasing power density, planarOur goal right now with Simcenter 3D transformer technology offers all typesElectromagnetics is simulate the of benefits from cost and size savings tooptimal transformer so that we can energy efficiency increases. This giveshave as few actual prototype rounds as the team a lot of flexibility to adapt andpossible, says Puranen.88'