b'Automotive & Transportation | Engineer Innovationprovides an integrated solution forsuspension and tire force rigs make it optimal measurement quality ofpossible to test full vehicles, front and operational and frequency responserear suspensions and tire-rim function (FRF) data and a workflow- combinations on exactly the same oriented analysis tool. This capabilityexcitations. So, the V-model approach is helps users to determine blocked forces,brought to life in a very reproducible convert them into interface forces andenvironment.make target prediction in a very fast and efficient way.Based on an optimum database of measurement data, test-validated In demanding applications likemodels provide a robust environment for component-based TPA data, consistencyfurther virtual vehicle development. nis essential, productivity-enhancing features have been added like the matrix heatmap which allows users to interpret large datasets in a single click. The display permits instant verification of the data quality and provides tremendous insight into the vibro-acoustic behavior of the different components. Furthermore, the user has many integrated functionalities to verify inconsistencies in the data such as direction errors and reciprocity problems.Component-based TPA and the conversion of blocked forces into interface forces is fully supported in Simcenter Testlab. Mastering the road noiseAZL provides an optimized testing environment by developing customized chassis dynamometers with variable surfaces. Additional test rigs called AZL 41'